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Favourite paragliders

Of the approximately 1,500 readers of the previous post, 217 completed a survey about the most liked wings. The results are quite poor because it’s a small sample. Here is what I was able to extract from the gathered data


2290 flights from Grente

Out of 100 biggest flights in the Alps, 60 were flown from Grente. Far, far behind in the second place comes Fiesch with only 7 flights. Promise of an easy 200+ FAI triangle draws more and more km-thirsty cross country pilots to the Tyrolean meadows. If you want to join Club-200 I invite you to benefit from a 12-year history of paragliding flights from Grente Alm. I analysed 2290 tracklogs published by 626 pilots in five XC online contests (XContest, Leonardo, DHV, XCC and XCPortal). These are my observations.