How much did you enjoy the paragliders you flew?

This is a good opportunity to bring out from memory all the paragliders you have flown. Rate your affection for each wing with stars on a scale of 1 to 10.

Survey is now closed. I’m working on the results.

I publish analysis like this mostly in Polish, but sometimes also in English (have a look at my best one so far). I’ll publish results in the next post. Comments below.

Kuba Sto

Enthusiastic cross country pilot and competitor. Stubborn sports class worshipper. Past and future member of the national team. Polish champion.


  • Noman Raees 1 year ago

    I enjoyed flying MCC AMAYA was donated to me in 2021. Stopped flying it this year. V nice hike and fly wing.

  • Jasiu 1 year ago


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